Premium SEO Copywriting For Your Business


Great copywriting does more for your mortgage business than just get your message out there. It combines that message and your best qualities to create benefit driven copy that your visitors can relate to. Your prospects feel the difference between you and the competition and are compelled to act, meaning you get more quality leads that close mortgage loans.

Refine Your Site’s Marketing Message

It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent broker, the VP or Director of Marketing for a small to midsize business, or a Fortune 500 company, strategic content marketing can help you reach more qualified prospects and set your business apart from the competition.

The is owned by Robert Regehr, an experienced marketing communications writer specializing in the mortgage industry. Robert is a highly skilled marketing consultant, strategist, SEO copywriter, brand advocate and a dedicated partner in your ongoing success.

Imagine how your website and internet marketing efforts will thrive with the help of an experienced mortgage web copywriter and marketing consultant on your team.

Simply put, you can rely on the Mortgage Copywriter to know what works online today and deliver results. You will generate more prospects and qualified leads using a proven approach to web success.

The Mortgage Copywriter operates fully within the webmaster guidelines of all search engines ensuring your results will endure any algorithm updates used to remove spammy, low quality sites from the search results.

As a valued client of the Mortgage Copywriter you will benefit from:

  • Clear persuasive sales copy that motivates web visitors to become quality leads for your brokerage or mortgage business.
  • Ethical, “white-hat” copywriting that masterfully weaves your target keywords into your page copy and site code so prospects are magnetically drawn to your site.
  • Extensive web usability and site architecture knowledge with a keen understanding of how individual landing pages on multipage sites turn prospects into qualified leads.
  • The technical expertise needed to integrate persuasive web copy with the needs of your web developer through every step of your website’s content optimization.

Our Process for Site Assessment & Optimization

The content creation and optimization methods we use are based on best practices found on the web and are fully compliant with Google’s webmaster guidelines. They’ll help you reach your marketing goals, getting you a steady stream of quality leads from your website’s visitors.

  1. Initial Contact & Evaluation
  2. After a discussion of your goals we assess the content of your website and develop a strategic proposal including tasks, content, timelines, and an estimated cost for your mortgage content development.

  3. Competitive Research & Keyphrase Discovery
  4. We work with you to refine your website’s mission, purpose, goals and target audience from national and local markets. This is where we evaluate and overhaul your web analytics, target keyphrases and analysis of the competitive landscape.

  5. Website Usability & Content Optimization Recommendations
  6. We evaluate your existing web content from your prospect’s point of view as well as a persuasive and usability standpoint. You will receive a detailed website audit for mortgage content optimization including recommendations for strengthening your message, SEO keyphrases, internal linking, and social integration.

  7. Benefit Focused Strategy For Your Target Prospects
  8. We develop your mortgage content strategy outlining your prospect’s “emotional hooks” (the pressing need or concern they need resolved), your websites unique value proposition, (how you offer the best solution to their pressing need), while refining your compelling offer and call to action using the primary keyphrases targeted for your local and national market.

  9. Optimized Fresh Content Development
  10. We write your detailed, search engine optimized content containing the most beneficial keyphrases targeted to your market including page titles that get clicked and meta descriptions optimized for Google’s snippets.

Your Trusted Partner For Ongoing Development

Remember that your optimized mortgage website is never “finished.” Regular updates, articles, blog posts, and proper keyphrase interlinking not only boosts your rankings but gives your prospects valuable content and incentive for conversion.

As your partner for long-term success we provide the ongoing website refinement necessary to stay one step ahead of your competition. Be sure and check out our content development marketing packages.

Ready to discuss your mortgage content marketing strategy now?